Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manchester United Champions of Europe 2008

It had to be 2008. 50 years after the Munich disaster, Manchester United have won their third European Cup. Who would have bet against them?

They retained their Premier League crown a week ago, and were fully focused on obtaining European Glory. The players were prepared for the battle, and a tough battle it was.

United took the lead in the 26th minute through, no need to introduce now, Cristiano Ronaldo. All looked to be going perfectly with United threatening to score more goals through Tevez and Carrick, but deep in injury time in the first half itself, Frank Lampard equalised amidst a series of confusions in the United defence.

In the second half, Chelsea had the upper hand, with some clear opportunities for them to score. Drogba hit the post with a great effort, and had that gone in, it would have been a goal worthy of a Final winner.

Before the end of the match, Lampard had a great chance to win it for the Blues but his shot cannoned back off the cross bar, much to the relief of the United fans. More drama was to ensure before the end of the extra time as Drogba was sent off for a slap on Vidic.

Penalties then followed. Ronaldo missed and most United fans, including myself began thinking that it was all over! When Nani was going to take his kick, I was on stand by to go under the covers on my bed, but he scored. Terry had the opportunity to become Chelsea's hero, but incredibly he missed. After Giggs had scored his penalty, Anelka needed to score to keep Chelsea in, but Van Der Saar saved his kick, and the rest is HISTORY...

Manchester United Champions of Europe 2008...


Preetesh said...

Man Utd is z best forever and ever! In z first half we did deserve to lead by 3-0!

We we helped by Lady Luck but as Sir Alex said..we had a cause to win it and a team with a cause is difficult to beat!

Watch for us again next season...esperons nu gagne World Championship la now...hehe!