Monday, April 7, 2008

Small World

Last week, after having done my domain renewal, I got 1 comment. I thought it might have been a geek trying to configure his domain. To my surprise, the comment was from a friend with whom I had lost contact several years ago. He went to study law in England, while I continued my studies in Mauritius itself.

Its an incredible coincidence, as I never have thought that I would renew contact with my friend through a blog, my personal blog! The World is really small, as friends and relatives are always in touch with mobile communication devices, and readily available connectivity.

The concept of a global community is not an utopia, as more and more people are interested in socialising through sites like Facebook, Hi5 and many others. Its also 'foolish' to say now that you must know a person physically to consider him as a friend.

Well, I hope I can get other friends like this and also renew contact with my lost friends!


Leo said...

who was that friend? i might know him too ;-p

Kamal said...

Joseph Desire Dian