Sunday, March 30, 2008

Domain Renewal 2008

I have just renewed my domain, for a further year. Since I do not possess a credit card yet, I have renewed it through a forum. I had to push my domain to the forum admin so that he could kick start the appropriate procedures for the domain renewal.

Since I am hosting this blog on my domain, I had to reconfigure the address so that it points to This was accomplished by adding a CNAME record with the alas kamal pointing to the address in my DNS settings. I also had to configure blogger so that it points to my custom domain.

Now I am more relaxed knowing that is mine for a further year. I can start thinking about new projects, and services which I might provide using this domain. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.


Dian said...

put1, zamé mo pa ti pou croire mo ti pou zouene camwad par blog. Yo bojah ki pozition man ? Chépa si to rappel mwa. Dian fer twa mazine ene zafer ??...ti p zoué boule ensam ...ek basant,gulbul,...hey tow..

fucking hell man, pres pou gagne 9ans depi sa lepok la.
ti kennedy ensam enfin ziska form3. apres pa coné ki fine passe par latete to fine ale fer science dan s1 :)

Enfin mo espéré to korek. Drop me a mail kan to gagne letemps. (jd AT techsted DOT com )