Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Grand Bassin 2008

Today I went to Grand Bassin to pray, with my family. There was not much traffic on the road, and the weather also was fine. A great day for praying!
I also took some pictures there, and I hope you will like them!

The Great Status of Lord Shiva. Its awesome, isn't it?

How Grand Bassin looks for the Maha ShivaRatree festival.

A top view of the mandirs present at Grand Bassin. Hope you can see them!

The dense traffic at Grand Bassin.

Pilgrims performing their prayers on the side of the lake.

The islet in the middle of the lake. There are some folks tales about fairies having played there a long time ago!

The lake and its famous islet.

Water coming out from Lord Shiva's head. Hope you can see the droplets of water!

Like every year, there were many persons asking for donations to build temples, but who knows if these temples will ever be built, and what will happen to this money!

Still I believe that whatever happens, happens for the good, and God is great!


Nitish said...

Haar Haar Mahadev.... Bien fer la priere.. resi zoin kamal tou laba.... Ambience ti seryer ne...

Kamal said...

wai nitish, pa ti atan pu zoine twa!
Ambiance ti bon, mon prier seryer seryer, mo esperer bon dieu ekut mwa!

Preetesh said...

Om Namah Shivaya...

Mw mardi asoir mo ti aler...bel mouvement!! Ti ale manG VOH tou... :)

selman ti fair pecher apres ti go there...akz sa mem p paye sa aster laa...

Pa pu nanien dimun dir... "jaisi karni vaisi barni!!"