Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yahoo Domains

Get your Yahoo Domain

You want to setup your own personal website of a commercial website? You want to have your presence on the Internet? You dream of or another domain?

Yahoo Domains provides you with the opportunity to register a domain for only $9.95. This service also provides the following facilities:

24-Hour Toll-Free Customer Service
Domain Management
Private Domain Registration
Starter Web Page
Domain Locking
Domain Forwarding
Complete Domain (DNS) Control
Email Forwarding
Room to Grow

Yahoo Domains also provides an email with unlimited storage, as well as a tool to design websites.

If you also wish to mark your entry in the DOT COM world, grab your domain today, as maybe you do not know that domains are getting rarer nowadays. There are other domains registrar available, such as or, but I feel that for starters, you should check Yahoo Small Business.

Another use of your own domain could be to give more credibility to your blog. looks better than Maybe the first thing to do this year is to get yourself a domain, and Yahoo Domains provides you with an excellent platform to do so at an affordable price!


morinn said...

That's nice! And it gives a little more credibility to have your own domain name when blogging for example.

Kamal said...

Yep, morinn, is better than

I'll edit my post to add your remark