Sunday, December 30, 2007

The legend of Marhgil Macuha

Who was Marhgil Macuha?

Marhgil Macuha was a well-known blood-thirsty pirate who lived on the island of Macuha during the 12th century. She was a very beautiful woman but with the devil's mind. She had the power to manipulate any person she wanted and it was rumoured that she was the reincarnation of a witch.

Marhgil Macuha

The early life of Marhgil

Marhgil was a very intelligent child, and often showed maturity beyond her years. She also possessed a natural beauty which was equal to no one. She was a normal child till her ninth birthday, when she started showing signs of possession. She would talk of things that occurred in the past, and which a nine year old girl was not supposed to know. Since that day her behaviour towards everybody, especially towards men and boys changed. She would often fight with her friends, and one day her temper flared up and she killed one of her friends during one of her uncontrollable fits. She feared that she would be severely punished and ran away from home.

Marhgil's road to hell

Marhgil wandered for about 3 months around the island before she met a man who looked to be helping her, but instead raped her. She was completely broken down, and she was living because she was breathing. After a few weeks of wandering aimlessly and begging for food, she was invited by some sailors to travel the world with them. In the beginning, the sailors took great care of her, and she started living normally again, but soon she found out that she was a toy in the hand of the sailors. They started abusing Marhgil when they were drunk, and treated her like their personal slave. Her life had become hell. She had started to despise men. She decided to take her destiny in her hands, and each night she would kill one sailor and would throw him overboard after having drank his blood. One after the other she killed 10 sailors, and one day she decided to kill them all. She poisoned their drinks one night, and the next day she was free of her ordeal.

The rebirth of Marhgil Macuha

A new dawn had appeared for Marhgil, where she would be the master of her own destiny. She threw all the sailors in the sea, and set herself to conquer the world. She laid her hands on some books on witchcraft which she studied during the night, and it was not long before she persuaded sailors to join her to terrorise the oceans. Wherever she went, she would destroy everything with the help of her mercenaries. She was feared around the world. The name Marhgil Macuha had started to become a synonym for Devil. To satisfy her satanic needs and bestial impulses, she would sacrifice a sailors each month during the full moon. She was trying to increase her demonic powers. For the next ten years, she continued this game of playing GOD, and she seemed to be gaining much pleasure in doing so. Whenever she wanted, she would destroy cities, and her most pleasurable punishment was to torture men until they begged to be killed.

The death of a Devil

Marhgil Macuha was not destined to have a long life. She was cursed wherever she went and there were many unsuccessful attempts to kill her. However, she found death by accidentally drinking the poison she had prepared for her guests. There was a great sigh of relief everywhere when the news of her death was spread. Fire was set to her body to make sure she would never come back. Her belongings were thrown in the sea and her fortune was distributed among the poor. Since that time it is believed that her soul is still roaming on a ghost ship, and some rumours state that she had vowed to return!