Thursday, January 10, 2008

World's cheapest car

The World's cheapest car, named Nano has finally hit the market today. This vehicle costs around $2,500, which is around MUR 75,000. It was unveiled today in New Delhi, India by Ratan Tata, the chairman of Tata Motors, which creator of this automobile.

World's cheapest car, Nano

This car is really small as you can see in the picture above and it can accommodate at most five persons. The basic version has no radio, no passenger-side mirror and it has only one windshield wiper. Air conditioner is available only in the deluxe version. It has seat belts, but no air bags. The Nano is about 10 feet long, 5 feet wide. The 2-cylinder petrol engine delivers 33 horsepower and a top speed of just over 60 mph.

For now, the car will be sold only in India, but Tata eventually hopes to export it. The Nano could become the basis for other similar super-cheap models in developing markets around the world.

The most obvious concern is that with such cheap cars, anyone can aspire to be a car-owner, hence increasing the already large amount of vehicles in circulation, and increasing the amount of pollution released. However, the Tata chairman insists that this vehicle pollutes less than motorcycles, and will pass domestic and European emission standards and averaging about 50 miles per gallon.

What are your opinions on the World's cheapest car? Do you think it will be a success? Will you buy one? Please let us know!


Preetesh said...

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Kamal said...

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