Friday, January 18, 2008

Prediction League Round 1

Are you football crazy? Do you want to have some fun? Then why don't you play in our Prediction League? Its bound to be fun, and you are sure to make new friends!

Some of my football fanatic friends and myself thought about how to take our passion of football a step further, and how to stop swearing at each other via MSN, and came up with this idea! For each match day, there will be a list of fixtures on the blog of one among us, where you will be able to predict the scores in your comments. For the time being we are starting with the English Premier League, but other matches also will be added as the season progresses, like FA Cup matches, Champions League matches, and International matches.

Points will be awarded as follows in our Prediction League:
- For a correct prediction for a match, you get 3 pts
- For correctly identifying the goalscorer, you get 1 additional pt [You need to be explicit, for e.g if Arsenal wins 3-0, and you put Hleb and Rosicky as scorers, you will NOT be awarded any points even if they scored. You should put the name of the goalscorer and the numbers of goals he'll score besides his name, like Hleb(2)]
- You may opt not to name the scorers, but remember that others might be correctly naming the scorers and getting more points
- If your score prediction is not correct, but your goalscorer prection is correct, you will only get points for guessing the correct scorer
- For correctly identifying someone who is sent off, you get 2 pts
- For contentious decisions or disagreements, we will seek opinions from everybody related to this post, and the decision taken from this step will be final.
- These set of rules may be amended to add more FUN!

8 teams from the Premier League have been selected, and you have to guess their scores and their scorers. These teams are:
Manchester United - Will they be Champs?
Arsenal - Will they be Champs?
Chelsea - Will they be Champs?
Liverpool - Will they be Champs?
Everton - Will they finish 4th?
Aston Villa - Will they finish 4th?
Manchester City - Will they finish 4th?
Derby County - Will they win?

How to play?

List of fixtures in the post:
Man Utd v/s Bolton
Arsenal v/s Chelsea
Liverpool v/s Man City
Everton v/s Aston Villa
Sunderland v/s Derby

In your comment, you have to write something like this or which anyone can understand:
Man Utd 4 Tevez(3), Rooney(1)
Bolton 0
IF this match finishes 4-0 for Man United, you will get 3 pts. If Tevez scores 3 goals, you will get an additional 1 pt, if Rooney scores 1 goal, you will get another point. Total Score : 5 pts

Arsenal 2 Adebayor(2)
Chelsea 1
IF this match finishes 2-1 for Arsenal, you will get 3 pts, and if Adebayor scores only 1 goal, you will NOT get additional marks. Total Score : 3 pts

Liverpool 5 Crouch(3), Torres(2)
Man City 0

Everton 0
Aston Villa 0

Sunderland 1
Dervy 0

If you do not understand something, please leave your question in a comment.

The Game Starts here!

Fixtures for Saturday 19 January 2008

1. Birmingham City v/s Chelsea
2. Fulham v/s Arsenal
3. Portsmouth v/s Derby County
4. Reading v/s Manchester United

Fixtures for Sunday 20 January 2008

1. Wigan Athletic v/s Everton
2. Manchester City v/s West Ham United

Fixtures for Monday 21 January 2009

1. Liverpool v/s Aston Villa

So, start predicting now, and have fun!
See if you are better than your friends!
Scores will be tabulated in last comment

Next Round of the Prediction League will be on : Nitish's Blog

The current table is a follows:

1.Noow 6 pts
2.Nitish 3 pts
3.Kamal 1 pt
4.Preetesh 1 pt
5.Sachin 0 pt
6.Vikram 0 pt

Please check the comments to find what the players had forecast.


Anonymous said...

Birmingham City 1 McFadden
Chelsea 1 Lampard

Fulham 2
Arsenal 1

Portsmouth 4
Derby County 0

Reading 1
Manchester United 3

Liverpool 2
Aston Villa 0

Sachin said...

Anonymous person la sachin sa.
Mo pou gagne sa prediction league la.

Nitish said...

Birmingham City 0
Chelsea 2 Anelka, Lampard

Fulham 0
Arsenal 2 Eduardo, Adebayor

Portsmouth 2
Derby County 0

Reading 0
Manchester United 3 Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo

Liverpool 2 Torres, Gerrard
Aston Villa 1

Kamal said...

Birmingham 0
Chelsea 0

Fulham 1
Arsenal 1 Hleb

Portsmouth 2 Benjani(1)
Derby 1

Reading 0
Manchester United 4 Rooney, Ronaldo(2), Tevez

Liverpool 2 Gerrard, Torres
Villa 1

Vikram Sanand Sahai said...

Birmingham 0
Chelsea 4

Fulham 0
Arsenal 2 Fabregas

Portsmouth 3
Derby 1

Reading 0
Manchester United 3

Liverpool 2
Villa 2

joe tro long essay fine reussi lire tu..dimal sa

Noow said...

Birmingham 1
Chelsea 2 Anelka{1} Pizzaro(1)

Fulham 0
Arsenal 1 (

Portsmouth 2
Derby 1

Reading 0
Manchester United 2 Rooney & tevez

Liverpool 2 Kuyt & Benayoun
Villa 0

Kamal said...

1er post ta,
biz1 met ban rules ek how to play etc,
si ena kit problem, kaav refer lor ha page la!!!
Kisanla pu fer round 2?

Vikram said...

faire classement la...kumsa mo capav gagne comprend

Preetesh said...

zt in blier dir mw....!! Pa fair em pu gagne saa...:) ti dne zt n lavance...:)

Wigan Athletic 0
Everton 2 Cahill, Lescott

Manchester City 2 Elano, Petrov
West Ham United 1 Ashton

Preetesh said...

Mo ti blier sa match laa...:)

Liverpool 0
Villa 1 Barry

Vikram said...

Liverpool 2 [torres]
Aston villa 3

Kamal said...

Sachin's score: 0 [No correct guesses for scores and scorers]

Nitish's score: 2 [No correct guesses for scores, Rooney and Ronaldo scored]

Kamal's score: 1 [No correct guesses for scores, Rooney scored]

Vikram's score: 0 [No correct score guess; changed his pronostic for Liverpool v/s Villa]

Noow's score: 6 [1 correct score guess (Reafing v/s Man Utd), Pizarro, Benayoun, Rooney scored]

Preetesh's score : 1 [No correct score guesses, Lescott scored]

Current table:

Player Score
Noow 6
Nitish 2
Kamal 1
Preetesh 1
Sachin 0
Vikram 0

Preetesh said...

Ta Vikram to met pronostic to aler em! Mn gagne n point touzour taa...samedi mo ti pu gagne point sinon...