Monday, November 12, 2007

Football Jokes (Part 1)

This is the first list of FOOTBALL jokes which I have read on other sites, and which I want to share with you. The sources of these materials come from FOOTBALL365, SOCCERNET and TRIBALFOOTBALL.
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Taken from Football365 :

Bad news for Panathinaikos' midfielder Marcelo: He'll be injured soon as West Ham are reportedly trying to sign him.

The Sun says that Alan Curbishley will make a £5million bid in January and 'is understood to be ready to sell Hayden Mullins to fund the deal'.

Based on the record of Curbishley's previous signings over the past 12 months, Marcelo will suffer a muscle strain by January 12.

Having realised that one of his keepers is a sulky, arrogant, creaking old sour Kraut and the other shames the good name of 'dodgy', Arsene Wenger might be after a half-way decent goalie.

The Daily Mirror reports that the man in question is Jussi Jaaskelainen, whose Bolton contract runs out next summer and would thus satisfy Arsene's criteria for a custodian - namely that they must be cheap.

After those last two, this whisper should be listed in the dictionary under the entry 'credible'.


Blackburn's Bentley suffers name cock-up

Blackburn Rovers didn't get off on the right foot against Manchester United yesterday.

David Bentley's shirt for the 2-0 defeat at United had the Blackburn winger's name spelt as 'Betnley" - is it any wonder why Zura Khizanishvili cannot get in the side!

Someone posted a hilarious comment for this article on TRIBALFOOTBALL :

Thats why Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink went to Celtic instead of us. He refused to wear two shirts


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Anonymous said...

sa jalog 2 shirts la tro bon
btw, bizin donne raja osi 2 shirts p paret....raja mukeshwarchandra rashapalsing...hahaha sanla 3 shirts si pa pu assez sa:D