Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Match Preview : AC Milan v/s Manchester United

Tonight A.C Milan and Manchester United will be competing against each other for a place in the final of the Champions League against Liverpool. The last match was a classic, and this match also is expected to be an absolute cracker. The first leg of this tie was an absolute classic, characterised by attacking football from both teams. That matched finished 3-2 in favour of Manchester United but the score could have been more.

Kaka was imperious in the last match, and he is expected to continue producing more beautiful football tonight. Dida should keep his place in goal, while Bonera will be favourite to partner Nesta in central defence, Maldini being injured. Gattuso should be fit to play after succumbing to injury in the last match. He is the key man in this match, as he will be doing all the dirty job in the midfield, allowing Kaka, Seedorf, and Pirlo to dictate Milan's play. Inzaghi should be preferred to the awful Gilardino, while the rest of the team should be the same. Milan is expected to play with their 4-3-2-1 formation.

Possible Milan line up :

Manchester United are going to Milan on the back of their astonishing victory against Everton, making an incredible comeback after being led by 2-0. They scored 4 goals in 30 mins, and who would bet against them from scoring again tonight. However, as proved in the last match, without Rio Ferdinand, and Vidic, United's defence is rather comic. For this match, I expect Ferguson to take a major gamble by playing Vidic from the start, and putting Ferdinand on the bench. The rest of the team will maybe remain the same, with the United manager using a 4-3-3 formation.

Possible United line up:

I expect United to attack from the start, and trying to find that crucial away goal, while Milan also will be trying to do find an early lead, then shut-off the defence. It will be a pulsating match, where goals mouth actions are expected to be frequent occurences. Both teams are vying to play against Liverpool in the final, but which team will go through?

Which team will win the match?
What will be the score?
Who between Ronaldo and Kaka is the best player?
If United win, will Scholes, Heinze or Ronaldo be booked and suspended for the final?
Please let us know.

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Preetesh said...


Just imagine a final against liverpool without Ronaldo...!!! Gaspillage net pu eter saaa....

Surya said...

This is the time for of Glory for Manchester United!!! Man utd should stay focus on today's match and not think of the final :P

Come on Man U!, You can do it!!!

Vikram Sahai said...

Ronaldo said that he will do new tricks wait n watch...

My prediction
Ac Milan 1 - 2 Man Utd
Goals from pirlo, scholes and giggs

Nitish said...

I think the match will continue like it ended last time...

Fast flowing football swift attacks. Hope it will be an enjoying encounter between the 2 of them with lots of goals...

I have no pref about who win coz my team LIVERPOOL is already in z final and just waiting 4one team to reach there. So best of luck 4both of them

I would like 2 see ACMilan in the final for a repeat of 2005 Final but Manu is also welcomed coz a match between Liverpool&Manu is always a classic seeing the rivalry between those two.

Kaka or Ronaldo!!!!!! Well both do well in their teams and without them their teams would have been watching the semi finals at home.

May z best team WIN!!! and ronaldo, Scholes, Heinze all get booked.. YUYU

Nitish said...

New Tricks for Ronaldo...... Booking Confirmed

Vikram Sahai said...

I can't see Alex's disappointed face......

5 times European Champion said...

The mighty REDS were waiting for Manu in Athens but they are not good enough to play a Champions League Final. 3-0 piso against Milan, only
Liverpool can do this comeback. Not all teams have fans which sing loudly when their team are losing 3 nil in the Champions League.The best keeper of the premier league p manze trois goal. the best midfielder in the premier league could not do anything.
the best defender in the premier league could not stop Kaka
As i've always said, Rooney and Ronaldo cannot perform on the biggest stage of Europe.

Kamal said...

To 5 times European Champion:
Man Utd good enough to play any final.
I think he believes that Liverpool only plays in the Champions League. Some one should tell remind him of the harsh reality.
Liverpool are not good enough to win their own league, its a fact.
Any team can aspire to win the Champions League, but only real teams can win their League.
You remember Arsenal kids?
6-3 at home!
Shameful indeed, even if it is League Cup.
Mighty Reds?
Lucky Reds I should say.
You are in the final of the Champions League (should be renamed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th placed team league), so what?
Liverpool have not won it.
Lady Luck never knocks at the same door twice.
What is a pity is that Liverpool have not even come close to winning the Premier League, and they are boasting about being in the final, it is now 17 years since Liverpool are trying to win the League, Blackburn and even Leeds won the Premier League during that period.
Without removing credit from your achievement, the reality is that to win Cups, you need luck, but to win the league, you need consistency, which Liverpool lacks.
Greece won Euro 2004, Marseille won the Champions League few years back, even Red Star Belgrade (do you know this team?) won the Champions League. One day, if Bolton manage to qualify for the Champions League, even they can aspire to win it. I'll admit Liverpool to be a great side IF they can win the Premier League atleast once. When your team is not capable of doing so, you do not come and say that you have set a record for others to break, you silently admit your team is not good enough.
Many Liverpool fans will be raving about Rafa the Great.
I think I should remind them he has done nothing upto now to prove that he is great.
The team that won in 2005 was Gerard Houllier's team.
This year's team can be considered as one assembled by Rafa.
Its so simple:- Beat Milan and show your Greatness, and how good Liverpool is, or that you were indeed very lucky in 2005.