Monday, April 30, 2007

Match Preview : Liverpool v/s Chelsea

Liverpool and Chelsea will both be going head to head for the return leg of the Champion's League semi final (1 May 2007) to book their place in the final. For Liverpool, qualification would mean the chance to win a sixth European title, while for Chelsea, it would their first taste of a Champion's League final.

For the first leg, Liverpool passed the ball well without really ever threatening Petr Cech, with only Steven Gerrard nearly scoring had it not been for the monkey-like agility of Chelsea's keeper. Meanwhile Chelsea played efficiently without really playing beautiful football.

The first match was a purely tactical one, where Mourinho did not want to concede a crucial away goal, while Benitez was trying to get a fair result, either a draw, or an away goal. Credit should be given to the Chelsea manager for the ruthless football played by his team. They were not eye-catching, but effective in their play. It was straight-forward football. Bang-Bang-Bang(Carvalho-Drogba-Cole) for the only goal of that game.

For this match, Chelsea know that a draw is enough to take them through, while need to win this match at any cost. I expect Liverpool to field their strongest team as this is their only chance for silverware this season, with maybe Finnan restored to right back instead of the dodgy Arbeola, and Mark Gonzalez on the left wing. Concerning Steven Gerrard, I expect Rafa Benitez to play him as a centre forward, just behind Kuyt or Crouch, and Jermaine Pennant getting his place on the right side of midfield.

A possible lineup for Liverpool might be:

As for Chelsea, having nearly conceded the Permiership title, they will be trying to cement their place in perhaps a potential encounter with Manchester United in the Champions League final, depending on the result of the other match. Mourinho's men should continue where they had left. They are expected to soak up Liverpool's constant bombardment's and break quickly on the counter attack. Drogba is expected to lead the charge with long balls being pelted towards him to hold on until other players get forward.

A possible lineup for Chelsea might be:

According to me, the match will be ending in a draw, with Chelsea progressing to the final. The whole Chelsea team has a determination and desire to win, which only Steven Gerrard has in the Liverpool team. Chelsea has already won 1 cup, and are still going for the quadruple, while Liverpool will most certainly try to show that their triumph 2 years ago was not just due to sheer luck.

Hope the best team win.

Who do you think will reach the final?
What will be the score?
What do you think of both teams?
Who will be the hero and zero?
Please leave your comments.

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Ritesh said...

Well a match like this can't be predicted beforehand...this is champions league pal, a sudden u-turn can pitch liverpool in the final. so, a big Thumbs up for all LFC mem pu gagne sa champions league la!!!

Preetesh said...

Just a small stat:

In the Premiership this season:
Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool
Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

Champions League:
Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool
Liverpool ?-? Chelsea

The one that gives 2 correct numbers for the 2 quest dir WAI!!!!!;)

Benitez p enkr rod n lekip type li tandis ki Chelski Carvalho e Ballack blesser....en tou cas cki pu vini nu pu baT dan final!!!

Vikram Sahai said...

Looks like u became a pro in mspaint!!

Anywayz, the match isn't just between the players but against José and Rafael. Benitez is too confident that he will repeat the same result as in the premiership

Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool
Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

But, he seems to underestimate his RIVAL José. Today's match will decide how stupid Rafael was...

I personally like chelsea in the final than Liverpool...Tro laguele r sa ban fans liverpool la.

Nitish said...

Think this will b a great match and will a great occasion for 1 of them to make headline. HOW pity MBC is not showing this live....

Well concerning the match, since i am a Liverpool fan so i am confident that we can beat chelsea!!!

We have proved it many times that we can be a handful when we are in the mood. No need 4me to remind u of these games....

An early goal will give liverpool a great chance and a superb motivation for continuing on. BUT if chelsea is gonna score first so then lets hope for a miracle AGAIN!!!

Let Anfield and its fans create its MAGIC AGAIN....

You'll Never Walk Alone


Surya said...

Nothing more than a 0-1 win for Chelski...
Can Liverpool score...hmmm unlikely (sorry fans!)

However Liverpool has seduced Champions League's "Lady luck" for some time now...and i wont bet against her doing the "dirty work" for Liverpool (again)
That's how i would explain the extra motivation within the team

Jose should be mad at the time it is after letting the Premiership Title slip to Man Utd. He isnt ready to let Champions League also for Utd!! (whatever that means lol)

This is how i see things are before the match... and we are surely in for facinating match after both teams performing poorly on saturday.
A match hero you say?? My guess is Cech! A giant in the goal putting all skills of a goalkeeper into practice. Even if the defence keeps the ball away from him most of the time, his concentration doesnt drop at all.
Gerrard the hero? Has proven himself to be the saviour in countless "european" matches for Liverpool...but for me, he remains as unpredictable as ever.

Well, im out of keystrokes...
Hope we see another great Champions League night and the best team wins :)

Preetesh said...

Heh miracles do not happen alwayzzzz!!! Today Liverpool fans WILL WALK ALONE!!! Hahaha...

Kamal said...

I think the match will be a stalemate.
Tactics will determine the outcome of the match, with Chelsea playing patient football, while Liverpool rushing out to score.
I would like Chelsea to progress though

Anonymous said...

Ok!!! So where did all your predictions come from? Losers!!! Chelsea is out.

Anonymous said...

This was a stupid blog anyway. One of the most stupid I have ever seen.

Kamal said...

To Anonymous (Comments 8 and 9):
You are pathetic.
Everybody is entitled to his opinion, but you have a poor attitude, and why are you hiding yourself?