Monday, May 14, 2007

Interview with Mr Granger on Saturday

I've been called by Mr Gilles Granger for an interview on Saturday. I think so!
Everything happened so quickly.

I was revising, exams start tomorrow, and for once I was really cut out from the rest of the world. My mobile was ringing, and it was on silent mode, and my mobile was ringing. The time was 14:33 and the caller was the founder of Vinivi.

It was only after 15 minutes, when Avinash notified me that he had been contacted by Mr Granger that I checked my mobile. Indeed, he had phoned me also. Avinash told me to call him back, and I was desperately trying to do so for 15 minutes. The line was busy.

At last, my call got through, and I was surprised by his friendliness. I was going through a phone interview, and as usual, i fluffed my lines a few times. I hope Mr Granger did not mind.

I'm really fired up to meet him on Saturday, and I'm starting to feel that maybe bad days are going.

Wish me good luck for Saturday!


Vikram Sahai said...

Of course...Best of Luck!!!!

Hihi...I will nice to see the white man speaking french ;-)

...and don't forget we have an empire to build

Kamal said...

Merci Vikram.

Nous contruirons notre empire,
L'Empire des Genies!!!