Saturday, February 2, 2008

Prediction League Round 5

This weekend looks like a tricky week for the top 2 as they will be away to tough oppositions. Arsenal will be in Manchester against Man City. Both of them will try to continue their run of successive league wins. Chelsea also will be away at Portsmouth and it will not be an easy ride for them. Liverpool will be trying to redeem themselves this week against Sunderland after the midweek loss to West Ham. The top 7 teams will try to maintain their current position before the International break next week.

The list of fixtures for this week's prediction are:

Manchester City v/s Arsenal
Birmingham City v/s Derby County
Blackburn Rovers v/s Everton
Portsmouth v/s Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspur v/s Manchester United
Liverpool v/s Sunderland
Fulham v/s Aston Villa

Will Ronaldo score again this week?
Can Arsenal find battle with Man City?
Will your predictions be accurate this week?


Kamal said...

Man City 1 [Elano]
Arsenal 0

Birmingham 1
Derby 0

Balckburn 2 [Santa Cruz, Bentley]
Everton 1 [Lescott]

Portsmouth 0
Chelsea 0

Tottenham 1 [Keane]
Man Utd 3 [Rooney[2], Ronaldo]

Liverpool 2 [Torres, Gerrard]
Sunderland 1 [Prica]

Fulham 0
Aston Villa 0

Noow said...

Manchester City 0 - 2 Arsenal Adebayor[1], Rosicky[1]

Birmingham City 1-1 Derby County

Blackburn Rovers 2-2 Everton
Portsmouth 1-1 Chelsea, Baros, Anelka
Tottenham Hotspur 2-2 Manchester Tevz, Rooney, Berbatov, Jenas Liverpool 3-0 Sunderland, Tores[2], Kuyt
Fulham 1-2 Aston Villa, Young....

Sachin said...

Birmingham 0
Derby 1 (Barnes)

Balckburn 2 [Warnock, Bentley]
Everton 2 [Cahill, Johnson]

Portsmouth 1 Baros
Chelsea 2 Anelka, Lampard

Tottenham 2 [Keane, Lennon]
Man Utd 0

Liverpool 4 [Torres, Torres, Babel, Gerrard]
Sunderland 0

Fulham 0
Aston Villa 1 Agbonlahor

Preetesh said...

Mn rate saaa... :( pa ti home...:( bez saaa....

still mo rest n match...:p

fulham 0
aston villa 2 Agbonlahor, Young

Noow said...

tou match mne met Win ine win, Draw ine fer draw, reste villa aster.... :P

Roshan said...

Bezer... mne rater mosi.. Preet pan signale mwa

Mne zuer zis round 3 & 4 - ek sak coute mne sorti 1er... cumulative 2nd mo pas mal

La mo pan zuer la... pffff perdi point(s) bete la!! grr

Preetesh said...

Taher p dir pn signale ti bizin kner to bizin vin met to pa ti lakaz mw..!!!

Kamal said...

Kamal : 2 pts [No correct score, Torres and Gerrard scored]

Noow : 12 pts [Birmingham 1 - Derby 1, Portsmouth 1 - Chelsea 1, Liverpool 3 - Sunderland 0, Anelka, Tevez, Berbatov scored]

Sachin : 2 pts [No correct score,
Anelka and Gerrard scored]

The updated league table is :

1. Noow : 26.5 pts
2. Kamal : 11 pts
3. Roshan : 10 pts
4. Vikram : 8 pts
5. Preetesh : 7 pts
6. Shanil : 7 pts
7. Sachin : 6 pts
8. Nitish : 4.5 pts
9. Keshav : 1 pt
10. Jashveer 0 pt