Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ads Rotator

You might not have noticed it, but every time you visit my blog, the banner above my posts change! Well, I have added an Ads Rotator to my blog, which means each time my blog is loaded, a random banner will be displayed.

I have added thid Ads Rotator because I feel the visitors might be immune to ads in the sense that seeing the same banner every time, they might just overlook them during their next visit. Having changing banners will most probably attract the attention of the visitors to the ads, and in this way I might probably be able to generate leads from a large number of Affiliates!

The Ads Rotator is a simple piece of code which involves making use of an array and random numbers, to display the banners randomly. The banner links are inserted into an array, and the array position is randomly generated. Simple as that! Below is a sample code of the Ads Rotator written in JavaScript.

var r_text = new Array ();
r_text[0] = link1;
r_text[1] = link2;
r_text[2] = link3;
r_text[n] = link(n+1);
var i = Math.round(n*Math.random());

As you can see, the Ads Rotator is very easy to implement, so why don't you give it a try? Maybe you also will be able to generate more leads! And its totally FREE!


Preetesh said...

Top net saaa...bizin try li n coup:p

Leo said...

very impressive! will surely implement this in my blog now ;-p

thanx kamal