Friday, November 30, 2007

Ronaldo against Bull

Here is an interesting clip featuring Cristiano Ronaldo in an ad against a bull. Seems that his skills are too much for humans to cope, so he has stepped up a level by playing against a bull!

The first part of the clip seems real enough but the last part of the clip where the bull heads the ball suggests that this clip has been constructed using super-computers, and graphics softwares.

What do you think of this clip?
Is it real/stupid/funny/bizarre?
Do footballers make themselves look foolish by featuring in such ads?
Please leave your comments.

Next time I will show you the MAKING OF of this ad.

Here is the MAKING OF C.Ronaldo v/s Bull


Preetesh said...

Nice video...Ronaldo is 2 gd for anything in zis wold..including a bull!!:)

Kamal said...

Yeah, Ronaldo is just too good.
Free Kick against Sporting : SUPERB!

Lets see if opposition defenders can stop him!

Vikram Sanand Sahai said...

hmm...tro bon sa.

Rien a dire. Ronaldo is too good!!!

Hey, sa ban clip la bizin bookmark garder sa.

register laba ek met link video la laba. Tous ban nice clip foot mo pu met laba...

Clip la tro bon sa...cheers

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Nitish said...

taarrr li bon ta... Mo croire bizin met li jouer contre ban bull meme aster.. lol ...