Thursday, September 27, 2007


I was involved in an accident this morning! A car collided with the bus in which I was. There was not great damage done, as you can judge from the picture. The driver of the car was a tourist who maybe did not know how the traffic was in Mauritius during the peak hours in the morning.
The driver of the bus and the tourist tried to find a compromise, but in vain. A man was acting as a translator between the tourist and the driver, but they could not come to an agreement, and eventually they had to go to the Police Station.

As for me, I reached my work place late, and what is more incredible is that I was delayed this morning by another accident near my home!

Seems I am a magnet for ACCIDENTS!
Maybe it would be wise to get myself insured!


Vikram Sanand Sahai said...

Bloody Joe!!!

ur post are getting more and more weird!!! first that "truth of life" article n now this accident!!!

Man what's up...err or down?

Kuch leter kyun nahin!!!

Kamal said...

Don't worry Viko.

Its a normal phase of my life.

Once this phase is over, I'll be stronger!

Nitish said...

to bizin pren 1 gro insurance ta... lol

Jo to post pa lor acccident la li toti envi tire photo Blanc la sa...

KAn to p pass ebene la mosi mo capav rent tar travail lerla

Preetesh said...

Taherr..pran lassurance!!:) lerla pu korek..:)