Friday, June 1, 2007

What a season in Online Soccer Manager

It has been a great season for me and my team Tottenham Hostpur in Online Soccer Manager.
I won the league with a record of 101 goals scored, with my 3 strikers finishing as top scorers in the league. Moreover I also won the Cup with a 5-0 victory over Manchester City!

Well the English Season is over, but with Online Soccer Manager I can manage to pursue my football craze.
Great game.
For those who have not tried it, you should really give it a go.
You'll see that within a few days you'll become totally addicted to this name.

For the time being searching for a new team to manage and looking ofrward to prepare for the new season.


Vikram Sanand said...

Top sa!!!

Challenge me in FA CUP!!!

4 times consecutive winners!!!

Kamal said...

101 goals scored in 1 season