Saturday, January 6, 2007

The game everyone's talking about!

Are you a football fan?
Do you want to become a manager one day?
Do you hate Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, etc? You want to destroy that team?
You can now aspire to have a taste of football management by playing Online Soccer Manager. Just create a new account at, and you can start managing your favourite team.

Are you having trouble with the game?
Keep in mind that this game is a fantasy game meant only for fun.
So relax and enjoy the game.
You can put a maximum of 4 players on the transfer list at the same time.
At the start of the season, it is preferable to put the weaker players on the transfer list at reasonably affordable prices, so that you can get quick money to strengthen your squad.
As the season goes on, you can train your players, and demand higher prices for them.
If you do not know much about tactics, keep it simple.
Play traditional 4-4-2 formation,
Mentality : Put the slider in the middle
Overall match tactics : Counterattack
Style of play : Extreme
Defensive tactic : Zonal
Offside trap : No
Pressing : Yes
Defenders : Stay Back
Midfielders : Neutral
Attackers : Attack Only

And Do Not Forget